The Encouragement House

The Encouragement House

Encouragement House’s mission is to provide students from remote villages in East Timor with safe, supervised accommodation and living facilities to complete their high school education successfully.

Students and their parents know just how important this level of education is to their futures and are keen to take up the opportunity. Encouragement House (EH) provides them.

History of Encouragement House

Over the years, Encouragement Foundations’s many friends collaborated to raise money. They built a hose in the Timorese town of Maliana. A living example of Encouragement and a way to secure a successful future in the still-developing country of East Timor.

One small building built 14 years ago in 2009, has become three dormitories housing up to 125 students at any time. In addition, a computer training centre and an English language training classroom have been built and are now available and well utilised by students.

Gender Equality

 Gender equality has also been a strong focus at EH from the beginning. The founding committee had only one strict rule, that EH should have at least 50% female students. In the following years, so many female students have shown a keen interest in this opportunity for education, they now make up 75-80% of EH residents.

Positive Contribution

Encouragement House graduates are now giving back to the community as teachers, health care workers, qualified nurses, soldiers, journalists, village leaders, border force officers and office workers. They are appreciative of the careers the education has provided them but the need for more students to have this opportunity is growing.

Further Education


Encouragement Houses’ mission is to assist student hospitality workers, mechanics, bricklayers, engineers, and journalists in East Timor’s capital, Dili.

Aussie Students Also Benefit

More than 400 students from across Australia have been hosted at Encouragement House, with foreign long-lasting friendships with Timorese students and an enduring love for East Timor. Australian students share what a memorable experience they received and many return for additional visits. Australian students have developed a stronger understanding of the importance of being good global citizens as a result.

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