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Worksheet: How To Turn Failure Into Success

Failure isn’t final, but it can feel that way if you allow it.

Failure has much to teach you if you’re willing to accept it as a part of the success process. The most successful people have endured the most failure and are able to make the most of their failures. Everyone fails. Those that learn to manage it enjoy the greatest successes.

Answer these questions to gain a better perspective of how the fear of failure can be managed and how fear can be beneficial. A lot of people get into the habit of so often telling themselves that they can’t do something, they start to believe it.

With that in mind, maybe it’s time to start thinking about how you can protect yourself with some more positive self-talk. It all starts with challenging those common negative phrases. Instead of telling yourself that you can’t do something, try telling yourself you can.

Instead of saying you can’t do anything right, tell yourself that you’re going to find a way to perform better the next time you tackle a similar challenge.

Creating self-confidence isn’t always easy, but the more time you devote to practicing these skills, the more you’ll find your self-esteem beginning to grow. Eventually, you may even be confident enough to start facing your fears head-on, and that will strengthen your confidence even more.

Download worksheet to begin.

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