Building Better Lives and More Opportunity

An independent social enterprise dedicated to your success

Building Better Lives and More Opportunity

A nonprofit organisation dedicated to your success

About The Encouragement Foundation

Our People

We are an independent group of seasoned business people and professionals with a lifetime of experience. Our success has taught us that its not always easy, that encouragement and support is necessary for growth. We are honouring those that have helped us in the past and hope that like us, you will use your success to support others who need it.

Why We Exist

Everyone encounters obstacles along the path to reaching their goals. We enthuse and re-energise, to breath life and belief back into those feeling hopeless and helpless. With a lifetime of experience combined, we believe encouragement is the key to getting you to the other side of a rough path, with dreams and goals intact, ready to try again.

Encouragement House

We provide students in remote villages of East Timor safe and supervised accommodation so they can complete their high school education. We have helped more than 700 students who have gone on to become teachers, nurses, soldiers, journalists, village leaders, border force officers and office workers.

Who We Are

The Encouragement Foundation is a nonprofit organisation that was originally set up by John Shadforth, Co-founder and Chief Encourager and was further supported by Mark O’Neill. Together, they had the desire to serve others and provide much needed support to people of all walks of life in need of hope and inspiration. 

John, Mark and The Encouragement Foundation volunteers created this website as a place where you can find resources and support. 

These are designed to help you develop the resilience and confidence you need to achieve success, and the encouragement to get you through the good and the tough times. 

We are guided by a set of core values that we take very seriously.

These are the principles that we stand by at The Encouragement Foundation, and we live by each and every day. 

Positive Optimism

We believe individuals can make a difference and can be the difference. We believe in the power of positive energy. We are committed to creating happiness and vitality within our own lives so that we are in the best possible position to actively radiate this energy, inspiration and vision to the world.

Growth & Contribution

We believe in empowering others, inspiring people to be the best they can be – for their good and for the good of others. We believe that active encouragement nurture’s growth, development, and prosperity – for individuals and also for society in general. 


We commit to remaining true to our guiding principles to be better equipped to honour and respect the lives and positive values of all individuals. We will continuously remind ourselves that we are responsible for the way we act if we are to earn the respect of others.


We believe that to give our best we must remain completely independent of any religious or political alignment even though we respect the beliefs and values of others.

Constant Improvement

We are committed to continuously seeking ways to improve what we do, and positively impact the lives of others.

We want to make sure you know it is not your mistakes, failures and falls that define you. It’s what you do next.

Stories of Encouragement

Stories of Encouragement

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Get in Touch

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