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Location Maliana is the Capital of the District of Bobonaro in the west of the country.  The town is approximately 149 kilometers southwest of Dili, the National Capital and has a population of approximately 22,000 and it is located a few kilometers from the border of Indonesia.Maliana and other western towns are difficult to access resulting a greater need for assistance.Economy and industriesThe economy of Maliana and Bobonaro District is largely based on subsistence agriculture on family holdings and livestock management on communal land.

The majority of Maliana’s population is heavily dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods. This is because rice became the preferred staple food among many Timorese. Most of the population are farmers cultivating rice and maize.During Indonesian occupation there was a good irrigation system and management of water supply to the rice fields, however much of this was destroyed and no maintenance has occurred since Indonesia left East Timor after the East Timorese people gained independence.

There are two main sources of water irrigation that supply water to paddy fields such Nunura River, Soso and Bui Pira river.Language and educationThe dialects that most people use are Bunak and Kemak but most people understand the Tetum language. Maliana had one of the preferred schools during Portuguese occupation, known as Collegio Infante sagres. This was under a catholic mission and many East Timor educated people have graduated from this senior high School.