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The Encouragement Foundation focuses on those projects that promote encouragement through support and education. It specifically recognises projects that help individuals break the poverty cycle and supports individuals who support others.The Encouragement GrantThe Encouragement Grant will be available every month throughout Australia.This grant will specifically focus on Australian communities and individuals who require funding to develop their goals or skills.

The areas of funding include:

  • volunteers
  • artists
  • athletes
  • and indigenous communities

Sponsors of this project may choose which area they wish to support and will be recognised on The Encouragement Foundations website.The Encouragement Scholarships ProjectThe Encouragement Scholarships Project will provide scholarships and bursaries to individuals who wish to study a course that will eventually provide them with essential skills that will allow them to develop their own potential to the point where they will sometimes be in a position to make a contribution to society.Scholarships are for University, TAFE and high school students who have shown academic talent but do not have the financial support they need to continue with further education.Social Support ProjectCan you recall a time in your life when you have felt frustrated and discourage or overwhelmed by your circumstances? Now think back to that time! That time in your life when someone whole heartily encouraged you. Remember that feeling? It probably left you renewed with hope and energy.You probably remember a time in your life where you offered honest encouragement. Remember the smile, the sense of hope you empowered. Remember the difference you made?The Encouragement Foundation has developed a number of social engagement initiatives.The Social Support WebsiteOur website will provide a support network for individuals to use free of charge and anonymously. It will provide links to other not-for-profit organizations that can assist individuals and provide professional assistance. The Encouragement Foundation website will also provide links to free resources that will assist individuals with their specific needs.Social networking mediums such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn will be used to spread words of encouragement.Partner SupportThe Encouragement Foundation partners with like-minded organisations to assist them in promoting their own encouraging projects. If you would like to partner with The Encouragement Foundation contact us.