Remember a time when you where encouraged?

Remember how that felt?

The Encouragement Foundation endeavours to lift and inspire people to be all they can be.

Our purpose is to provide a gateway for you to find hope and support in our resources, projects and links to other encouraging organisations.

Imagine a world where everyone was encouraged to live a happy and fulfilling life….

Latest posts and news

  • Encouragement House Update
    LAKUS HOUSE Students LIST                     These are the students who graduated from EH Maliana last year and who are now at Uni in the capital Dilli. We have organised so they can get free rent so they can afford to go...
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  • New Year – New Changes?
    Another year and time to ring in the changes… or is it? I’m a self-confessed dinosaur and find it difficult to embrace the impact of social media. Letter writing is almost a forgotten art and has been replaced by Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media. Words alone have no...
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  • Purpose
      Do you know what your purpose is for being on the planet? I believe that we all have a purpose, and yet am aware that some people live and die and wonder what it was all about. I’m a huge fan of Napoleon Hill who suggested that having a...
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  • Interesting Words
    I find words interesting and wonder if you consider their impact and effect? For example, the word ‘but’ is mostly used as a conjunction; a joining word, also a verbal objection. The meal was great, but… I really appreciate your help, but… I hear what you’re saying, but… That’s a...
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